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Quality Assurance & Testing


At Nexus Infoway, Quality matters. We never compromise cost with quality .Our methodology expertise and quality assurance is backed with successful compatibility and lasting professional experience with innumerable international clients. We provide our clients with practical and goal oriented solutions to your needs for quality assurance.


Six Sigma Imbibed Processes:

Industry knowledge, professional outlook and quality is very important.

Nexus Infoway  implements six sigma imbibed methodology for eliminating defects to all the ongoing and new projects. By implementing Six Sigma process, we have achieved the aim of finding not more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities in a specific project.

We understand the objective of the Six Sigma methodology evaluating the financial benefits at the earlier stage of SDLC ensures that the cost of improvement will be supported by the benefit of the project.

Our teams of quality experts are responsible and with their experience they understand the requirements of the clients and improve the operational efficiency of the project.


DMAIC Practice

To ensure the completeness of the testing we follow the DMAIC practice. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. We employ DMAIC methodology identify the effect of changes to a build and then to monitor the actual impact of changes in a feedback loop.


We identify the actual cost of the demanded quality and also chalking out the defects of potential quality designing. Safety, maintainability and reliability are the main features of our quality assurance and testing methods.

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